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How to Setup Identities in Outlook Express:

For Outlook Express:

NOTE: The following instructions are for version 5.5. Older versions may vary in their setup.

If you have one or just a few PC's for several people but you want them all to have email and keep their email seperate, you can use Identities in Outlook Express.

Once you have installed and setup Outlook Express on your PC and setup at least one email account, see how to setup email accounts, you can add multiple identities.


2. Enter your Identity Name.

3. Check Require a Password and then enter the password for this identity.

4. Click OK to save this identity.

5. Click NEW to add another identity or CLOSE to exit Manage Identities.

NOTE: The "Main Identity" is setup by default when you first install Outlook Express and add the first email account to it. Make sure you add a password to the "Main Identity" in the Manage Identities tool. You can also change the name of the "Main Identity".

6. Once you have setup your identities you need to uncheck the "Use this identity when starting" checkbox in the "Manage Identities" screen. This will force Outlook Express to prompt you for which Identity to use when you start it.

7. Exit out of Outlook Express. YOU MUST USE THE "EXIT AND LOG OFF IDENTITY" choice under the file menu. If you do not log out of the identity you are currently logged in to, Outlook Express will automatically reenter this identity the next time it is started and it WILL NOT prompt you for an identity to use.

8. Start Outlook Express and it will now prompt you for which identity to use.

9. When you choose one of the new identities, Outlook Express will notice that an email account is not setup for that identity and will begin prompting you to setup a new email account. See "How to Setup an Email Account".

10. Once you have setup the email account for this identity you can now check the email for this account by clicking on the Send/Receive Button.

11. Lastly, Be sure to use the "EXIT AND LOG OFF IDENTITY" choice under the file menu when exiting Outlook Express.



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