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Overview of File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the preferred protocol, or language used in order to transfer large files remotely from client to server or visa versa. It is the preferred protocol because it transferrs both ASCII and Binary files faster than any other protocol available.

FTP service is available for all virtual server clients 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. iComputing Solutions configures a FTP server for each seperate client. Below is the welcome message you will recieve upon successful authentication:

Connected to 209.15.xxx.xxx port 21
220 yourdomain.com FTP Server ready.
USER username
331 User username okay, need password.
PASS (hidden)
230 Restricted user logged in.

As a client, you are restricted to your account and cannot move outside your home directory. Your home directory is where you are logged into when you intitially create an FTP connection. Most of the files in your home directory are files needed for your account and should not be altered.

In your "logs" directory is where you can find your access, agent, referral, error, and xferlog. These are the log files generated by either the webserver (Apache) or the FTP server so you can monitor activity on your account. These same files are also used in order to track your bandwidth consumption, and they are owned by root so the client cannot remove or alter the contents of these files.

The "ftp" directory is used for your Anonymous FTP Server. More information about Anonymous FTP can be found here. In short, any files you place in your "ftp" directory will be accessible to anyone via Anonymous FTP.

The most important directory is your "public_html" directory, which is where all of your files pertaining to your website reside. When someone accesses yourdomain.com, they are simply requesting the files and directories that reside in your public_html directory.

Therefore, you should upload files pertaining to your website via FTP to your public_html directory. Any files that you do not want anyone to have access to via the web should be placed below your public_html directory, or in your home directory.

In order to access your account via FTP, you will need to use your login and system password, which was given to you when your FTP account was setup.


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