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iComputingSolutions - FTP Info #2
via FTP

What do I need in order to connect to my site via FTP?

In order to connect to your website via FTP, you will need some sort of FTP client software. FTP client software comes with many different features and prices, but we recommend the use of WS_FTP.

You will also need to know your login (also referred to as your "userid"), your account password, and the IP address assigned to your account.

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How do I connect to my account via FTP?

When you open your WS_FTP application, you will see a connection window.
  • Step #1: Create a new profile. To do this, Press the New button.
  • Step #2: Under "Profile Name", enter in your company name or simply your domain name.
  • Step #3: Enter your IP address or www.yourdomain.com in the field named "Host Name/Address:".
  • Step #4: Now enter your login on your account in the box corresponding with "User ID".
  • Step #5: Enter your account password in the field named "Password".
  • Finally, make sure that the "Anonymous" box is not checked. You may choose to select the box entitled "Save Pwd" this will store your password for future use.
Now press the "OK" button near the bottom left of the window and you will automatically be logged into your account via FTP.

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How do I connect to my account via FTP using other software?

Other software, including Cute FTP, Absolute FTP, and many others should only require three things:
  1. The hostname (domain name) or IP Address to connect.
  2. The login or userid associated with the hostname.
  3. The password for the account.
Once you have this information, you can use any FTP client to log into your account.

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What are all of the files and directories I see when I log in?

Upon logging into your account, you are restricted to only your account and cannot move outside of your account. When you log in, you are in what is known as the "root" of your account. In here there are several miscellaneous files and directories, all of which are important but none of which should be altered or renamed. In short, do not bother these files.

The only files and directories that you should care about are the "public_html" directory, the "ftp" directory, and the "logs" directory. If you work with Telnet much, you might also be interested in the ".profile" and ".cshrc" files as well.

The "public_html" directory is where all of your files pertaining to your website should reside. Uploading files into the "root" of your account will mean that no one will be able to access them via the web.

The "ftp" directory is where all of your files pertaining to Anonymous FTP are located. Any files in your ftp directory will be available via Anonymous FTP if enabled.

The "logs" directory is where all of your logs are kept. Logs are generated by two services: FTP and the webserver (HTTP). The log specific to FTP is your xferlog, which has a record of every file up upload or download and every file/directory downloaded via Anonymous FTP.

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Where do I upload all of the files pertaining to my website?

You need to upload files pertaining to your website to your "public_html" directory inside the root of your account. Files uploaded below your public_html directory, such as in the root of your account or in your ftp directory will not be available on your website.

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How long can I remain idle without being logged out automatically?

You may remain logged into your account with less than 30 minutes of idle time. Once you have been logged in for 30 minutes idle, the FTP server will automatically log you out of the system. Once this occurs you will need to re-establish your FTP connection to resume activity.

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Is my FTP activity logged?

Yes, all FTP activity is monitored and recorded in the xferlog file located in your logs directory.

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