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Computer Recycling: 

Have an old computer, printer, monitor or other devices and don't know what to do with it? New Laws make it ILLEGAL to throw it away. You have to recycle it.

We can help. We make it easy for you. We'll even come and pick it up.***

Computers - includes keyboards and mice $30
Monitors 27" and smaller $20
Monitors Over 27" $30


Other Equipment (if picked up at the same time as PC/Monitor $10
  • 15% discount for 2 to 4 items (per item category)
  • 25% discount for 5 to 10 items (per item category)
  • 35% discount for 11+ items (per item category)

Does your Computer's Hard Drive need wiped/cleaned before recycling?

Does your Hard Drive have sensitive/personal data on it that you don't want to fall into the wrong hands? We can help. We can take the hard drives out of your computer before recycling and completely wipe the data from the hard drive using a standard DoD (Department of Defense) data wipe of the hard drive. This ensures that the data on the drive is no longer accessible, even when using advanced hard drive forensics. If your hard drive is inaccessible or can't be wiped using our software techniques, we will physically destroy the hard drive by taking it apart and smashing the hard drive platters. The cost for this service is $25 per hard drive and includes a certificate of completion for each hard drive.

If you need to have that data transferred to a CD/DVD we can do that too. We will attempt to recover all data types that you specifiy and save it to a DVD which you can then use to restore to another PC.** Our normal rate of $66/hr applies to this service. This service would nomally take from 30 to 60 minutes to complete. We will discount this cost using the above discount schedule for multiple items.

** Transferring of data means the files that are created when using a program such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Email programs, Quickbooks, Pictures, etc.

*** Price inlcudes to and from travel time of up to a total of 30 minutes. This covers the Marion, Johnson, Shelby, and Hancock county area's, including the cities of Indianapolis, Greenwood, Franklin, Shelbyville, and Greenfield. Other areas may require an additional trip charge of $33 per hour of total travel time to and from your site. Please contact us for more information.